We have an expert first-mover advantage in blockchain.

During our 10-year experience as technical experts we have faced many challenges and by overcoming them created opportunities for ourselves and our clients. 

They helped us acquire deep development expertise and built the foundation for our expert implementation of new products and business models for startups, early-stage ventures, SME’s, and banks.

We act as an open minded strategic partner and take care of all the technical aspects of our client’s strategy. We are trusted by such companies as SWAG, WeCan Group, and Koyfin to develop their product lifecycles, and our initial engagements grew into valuable long-term partnerships.

Values & Outcomes

Four pillars of
our business

Product Development, Team Management, and Software
Consultancy is the core focus of our team.
With a true passion for creating innovative solutions,
we help our clients to:

Clarify and
take control

Product Development will stop being a mysterious black box. We’ll make it predictable, clear, and conforming to your business goals.

Make it efficient

We are excellent in technologies, approaches, and development environments. We will help you make the development process as professional as possible, exceeding current industry standards.

Illuminate the niche

We have mastered the intricacies of the FinTech and blockchain market. Our technical experience and industry connections informs us about the full picture and depth of available innovation. Domain knowledge that we share with our clients to benefit their products.


We can vouch for the strength of our technical solutions. Aleph1 is ready to become investors to seed future-proof ventures while building long-term relationships to support your business growth and founder’s journey.

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The insider's look

Startups from
A to Z

Meet our team

Stanislav Synko


Stan began his career in information technology advising startup and enterprise clients on the best possible technical implementation of complex systems and building software products. Stan is an early believer in both public and private blockchain systems. His work in the area includes: helping companies integrate smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain; architecting award-winning public and private blockchain systems with a focus on Hyperledger; expertise in secure multiple signature solutions and bitcoin wallet development; and thought leadership (Stan conducted workshops and seminars about blockchain at Harvard, Rutgers Business School, AIS Educator Conference, and dozens of events in New York and California.)

Oleksii Shevchenko


Oleksii is the head of Aleph One’s development and consulting operations. His exceptional background in development, project management, and team leadership make him an ideal COO for Aleph One. He has been instrumental to the success of Aleph One’s in-depth consulting engagements with FinTech, Marketing and E-commerce startups. He led the Aleph One teams that developed institutional cryptocurrency trading platforms and institutional-grade digital asset storage solutions for asset managers and global Swiss banks. Oleksii is certified by Scrum.org as a Professional Scrum Master (PSM 1).

Kostiantyn Demchuk

Project Manager

Kostiantyn began his career in tech as a Manual QA Engineer getting experience in both startup projects in Aleph1 as well as in projects which have already achieved success such as SWAG.COM. In addition to extensive knowledge of software development lifecycle and experience of working on different stages of project development, Kostiantyn possesses expertise and experience in the realm of blockchain tech and NFTs. During his PM career he has always pushed the projects from MVP stage to first investment stage with subsequent team growth and getting live users. Kostiantyn always searches and integrates modern managerial tactics and procedures to ensure that team works at the peak of its effectiveness and delivers desired product on time exceeding expectations. Kostiantyn is certified by Scrum.org as a professional Scrum Master (PSM 1)

Valeriia Reshetnikova

Project Manager

Manager with 6 years of experience in various fields, including digital marketing agency. This knowledge allows Valeria to help build projects according to SEO promotion and marketing features. The main directions in the projects are E-commerce, IT, Local business, and information sites.
Her main goal is to develop our clients’ businesses and help them profit in the comfortable partnership of all project participants.

Andrey Ozadovskyi

Project Manager

Andrew gained a Master's degree in Economic Cybernetics in Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv in 2010.
He started his career in information technology as System Administrator, then joined Aleph One in 2016 and worked on more than 20 projects for several years as a Manual QA and later QA Automation Engineer.
This experience path and deep understanding of the products and processes as well as long-term work on quality brought him to the position of Project Manager.

Nicolas Mazurik

Project Manager

Nicolas is the project manager of Aleph One's client's projects. He started his career as a full-stack web developer and has been building software solutions for over 4 years. Solid development background helps Nicolas to highly efficiently communicate and lead the development team, estimate efforts, budget resources and deliver results. Nicolas led the team that successfully released multiple FinTech blockchain solutions for Swiss banking sector: the asset tokenization platform on Ethereum blockchain and bank compliance platform on Hyperledger private blockchain. Under his management the team implemented financial software solutions for asset-based lending company based in the USA.

Julia Ilnytska

Talent Acquisition Manager

Julia is Talent Acquisition Manager in Aleph One. She believes that strong and friendly team is a key to successful business. That’s why searching and attracting the best talent is her main goal. Julia worked as Recruiter & HR manager in outsourcing and product companies in Ukraine and abroad. Can’t imagine her life without travelling, meeting new people and getting acquainted with new cultures - it definitely expands the outlook.

David Pierini

General Counsel

At Aleph One, David focuses on the intersection of legal and regulatory systems with the development of FinTech and blockchain platforms. As governments around the world seek to control and regulate financial technology, David ensures that the clients of Aleph One can build profit-maximizing platforms within global compliance standards.
This focus on thought-leadership in the FinTech space helps David orient the client acquisition process of Aleph One around learning, listening, and translating business logic into relationship-driven best in class technical execution. David has traveled the world in support of Aleph One’s clients to secure the best possible market and investor reception.
David’s background, deep network, and passion for entrepreneurship was nurtured in Silicon Valley at early stage machine learning, reg tech, and legal tech startups, applying lessons learned from time with financial institutions like Freddie Mac and translating regulatory / contract law to code.

As one of the managing partners and founders of Aleph One’s venture fund, David believes deeply in the founders’ journey and the capacity for technology to solve the world’s most intractable problems.

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of our team

We at Aleph One work in two main locations:
Kyiv and New York.
Our main office is in NYC, however, our team operates mostly from Kyiv, Ukraine — one of the best klondikes of developers.
As a global and remote team, we constantly work on team building guided by our values.

For us, company culture is not
a ping pong table.
It is:

  • Credibility & honest communication
  • Clarity, control, and result-oriented work
  • Mutual growth through collaboration
  • Development & incorporation of new technologies
  • Global work
  • Focus on long-term relationships

Community & Education

The Aleph One team lives and breathes blockchain development. Years of experience spearheading international projects and collaborating with other experts in the field help us create context for innovation ourselves rather than go with the market flow.
Our team strives to share our technical knowledge with the world. Our experts have conducted educational seminars on blockchain at Harvard Innovation Labs and Rutgers Business School.

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Let’s figure out the next steps to your success.

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Stanislav Synko

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