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Blockchain technology solutions can help your business be more secure, efficient, and innovative driving positive change for your business operations delivering stronger results than conventional systems.

Aleph1’s capabilities and experience can help you deliver to market the most complex, innovative, and profitable blockchain based solutions.

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Blockchain development benefits for the financial industry

Security is one of the crucial concerns for the banking and financial sectors. Blockchain enhances ledger security with the application of strong consensus mechanisms and data immutability.

The potential gains from the implementation of blockchain technology is steadily increasing in the financial sector.  Building upon the security blockchain provides platform’s will automate trading, settlement, clearing, and back office operations substantially increasing ROI / ROE.

Enhance data security and prevent fraud

Improve your authentication process with blockchain encryption algorithms. Data integrity, asset provenance and authenticity are key features embedded in data assets. Facilitating tracking and tracing is a core feature of blockchain.

Strengthen KYC processes

Rely on blockchain technology solutions to speed up customer onboarding process and ensure proper anti-money laundering compliance.

Reduce operational and transactional costs

Distributed ledger technology effectively minimizes transaction fees and error rate. According to a Santander FinTech study, distributed ledger technology could reduce financial services infrastructure cost between US$15 billion and $20 billion per annum by 2022.

Embrace innovative business models and attract investment

Key principles such as decentralization, lack of paradox of trust, and processes automation make blockchain a perfect basis for building innovative solutions in application areas that are highly dependent on speed, traceability and security.

In 2020 the banking industry had the most volume of blockchain spending - almost 30% of the market share. Blockchain technology solutions for banking software development is rapidly becoming a new innovation that fits and benefits both providers and customers.

Aleph1 custom blockchain development services as a blockchain services provider combines the most innovative solutions, leading edge development technologies alongside our elite coders’ background to build customized blockchain platforms with no limitations.

We can easily implement your business requirements with a custom blockchain-based solution.

Blockchain Wallet & Exchange Software

We can build Blockchain Wallet and Exchange Software or integrate wallets and or exchanges with your product to provide user or product access to the crypto markets.

Blockchain security software

We develop blockchain security software to eliminate the possibility of fraudulent activities and improve the authentication process.

Decentralized apps

Cut out risks related to centralized points of failure. Provide your employees with a convenient app for secure information and transaction exchange.

Smart contracts

Get rid of intermediary services, save time and costs on executing transactions while improving authenticity and credibility.

Enterprise blockchain

Adopt blockchain technology to reconcile and streamline business processes across all enterprise departments.

Private blockchain

Making blockchain technology the underlying foundation of your enterprise IT architecture is a future-proof strategy.

Public blockchain

Create smart and secure innovative trading systems with a strong blockchain backbone. Provide better customer experience and enhance profitability for your marketplace or any other app where integration with a public blockchain can make a positive difference.

Custom blockchain

You can rely on us for building custom blockchain applications from scratch or to customize existing ones through integrating new features.

Blockchain consulting services

We provide consulting on blockchain adoption, solution architecture, and matters related to compliance with global securities regulations.

Let’s build future-proof regulatory compliant blockchain solutions together!

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Aleph1 Blockchain Case Studies

Why choose Aleph1 as your blockchain development company?

Financial Data Integration and Visualization

Our experts in real-time financial data flow integration worked with our data visualization specialists to create a dynamic trading and informatics platform

AI and Machine Learning implementation

We are experts at designing systems to produce and package the vital data needed for the successful present or future implementation of ML or AI driven analytics.

Regulatory Consulting

We advise on the potential burdens and benefits imposed by global regulatory structures. We are also adept at working with a client’s legal team to ensure a system is compliant.

We fund and build tech products to scale

Let’s work together to build something amazing. Share your project details and our team will reply to figure out the next steps to your success.

We fund and build tech products to scale

Let’s work together to build something amazing. Share your project details and our team will reply to figure out the next steps to your success.
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