Fintech Platform Development Services

We at Aleph1 have focused on FinTech as our speciality since 2015. We gained our industry leading experience while building products for sophisticated client’s like the WeCan Group and Koyfin. Our experts built their products from scratch and scaled them during accelerated business growth.

The novel challenges our teams identified, overcame, and solved together in consultation with our clients is the foundation of our world class financial platform development services.

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Our clients

Embrace digital transformation in financial services effortlessly!

Aleph1 is a team with deep expertise. We are leading edge consultants and builders of the tech systems that drive a financial business. We provide services and solutions to startups, fast-growing businesses and corporations. Including customization and financial platform development from the ground up. Our experts have spearheaded diverse software implementations for financial institutions on a global scale.

Fintech platforms development solutions

At Aleph1 we have created a range of services with the scope to drive your future business growth through our financial platforms development.

We develop, deliver, and implement products for global markets and world-leading companies. To bring our clients’ ideas to life we rigorously apply seven years of experience to deliver innovative fintech web platforms development services

Trading platform

Creating a platform to conveniently and securely place trades for investors and traders

Wealth management platform

Building a front-to-mid advisor platform to provide full wealth overview and convenient goal planning.

P2P platform

Developing reliable peer-to-peer cross-border mobile money transfers.

Cross-border payments

Providing solutions to automate payment life cycles and give businesses full control over money flows.

Transform your ideas into FinTech solutions!

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Fintech platforms
development solutions

We implement fintech platform development solutions while considering the complete cycle of affected business processes.

Visual stock market analytics

We offer financial visualization solutions: easy-to-comprehend visuals, key metrics data charts, and trading data analytics terminals. Features intended to help a trader understand the entire market through a quick glance. Our long-term partnership with Koyfin is the clearest example of our expertise in visual analytics solutions. 

Investment management

At Aleph1 we offer asset management and audited communication solutions. Our clients can use our expert financial platform development services to build custom platforms of the highest quality. Our client history in this area includes many important private Swiss banks.

Public Blockchain platforms

We offer decentralized solutions for secure and globally distributed transactions. We develop software solutions to create apps for any kind of transaction.

  • non-fungible token platforms (NFT exchange, NFT pool platform)
  • fungible token creation/ integration into existing business
  • ERC20 token creation
  • custody solutions for crypto assets

Private Blockchain platforms

The private platforms we build will be focused on your business infrastructure. They can help you lower your  fees, embed regulatory compliance systems, user access control, private encrypted ledgers, utilize smart contracts and empower your business organization.

  • audit trail for existing business lines and regulators
  • integration & innovation in supply chain
  • insurance-based audit innovation

DeFi. Decentralized Finance

To make financial products available and open to your clients, we build and implement DeFi. We develop software that makes it possible to remove intermediaries between parties in a financial transaction.

  • liquidity provider platform creation
  • uniswap protocol integration
  • uniswap exchange listing
  • yield mining solution

Fintech software integrations

Aleph1 is an experienced developers team. We build sustainable and impact Fintech platforms. We offer a wide range of integrations to bring you the maximum benefit.

Publicly available stock data

Cloud integrations

On-prem deployment

Proprietary database of existing tokens on Binance chain

Crypto exchanges and real time integration

DEX real-time market & token data access

Integration of Ethereum-compatible blockchains, like BSC, Huobi chain

Custody providers integrations: EDGE app, bitgo solution, openzeppelin integrations

Blockchain development: Solidity, Hyperledger and Bitcoin protocol

Why Aleph1 for fintech web
platform development?

We at Aleph1 can build, maintain, and grow your digital business with fintech platform development services.

Pro expertise

Unique insight and technical brilliance in the blockchain & FinTech industry.

Recognized achievements

Award-winning projects delivered for 5 years since company foundation.

Institutional relationships

Close relationships with universities, infrastructure providers,acclaimed scholars and leaders in the technical field for client’s success.

Custom development

Deep analysis of market trends, needs, and capabilities to help businesses choose proper solutions to software modernization. Designing successful financial solutions from scratch.

Niche experience

Experience in Fintech app creation and design. We build a reliable platform that supports your future growth in the fast-changing sector.

Knowledge of FinTech regulatory landscape

Financial regulatory landscape and frameworks knowledge. Own solutions for risk analytics and compliance management.

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