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We ensure our client’s growth through software development and investing seed capital because we strongly believe in the companies we work with.

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Aleph1 financial product development services are powered by deep industry experience. Our engineers are highly-qualified experts skilled at implementing innovative solution architecture, financial data modeling, data visualization and blockchain technology.

Moreover, since we have passed the regulatory compliance procedures of our products and our General Counsel David has legal experience, we can do regulatory consulting on a high level.

Our products have passed the highest regulatory scrutiny and met the exacting requirements of private Swiss banks. At Aleph1 our regulatory compliance team is led by our General Counsel David Pierini. David’s background in financial services regulation ensures that Aleph1 can provide cutting edge regulatory consulting services on a global basis.

We are confident and ready to take on projects for: designing secure system architecture; creating a product from the ground up; and scaling and supporting products after launch. While providing business oriented review and integrating efficient compliance processes into your product.

We worked to build the technical foundation for the platforms and products of both Koyfin and the WeCan Group while providing enduring essential support. Our long-term relationships with our financial product development clients is an explicit validation of both our team’s experience and relentless focus on client success.

Our approach & team of experts

Aleph1’s range of financial product development services

At Aleph1, we’re an expertise-driven team that utilizes leading edge technologies to assist FinTech providers in taking confident steps into a profitable future.

Aleph1 full product development in the financial sector considers all facets of a bank’s internal and external needs. Our goal is the creation and launch of a customer-centric product while simultaneously offering modern solutions to drive business efficiency.

BI tool for financial planning

Business Intelligence for FinTech users informing planning, forecasting, and projecting optimal future budget allocation.

Mobile payments and acquiring (mPOS)

Smart and safe mPos solutions facilitate payment acceptance and increase customer purchase rates.

Consumer online banking apps

The wide functionality provided by apps drives the attraction of customers while matching their expectations and gathering key data about user behavior.

Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies

The use of leading edge and frontier technologies facilitates the implementation of secure databases and automated systems.

Security systems

Fraud detection software is an intelligent solution for you and your customers' treasury.

Online trading and exchange platform

Trading platforms can drive high volumes of transactions functioning as an exchange while complying with trade tracking regulations and KYC mandates.

Digital Wallet

Financial accounts that allow users to have access to fiat currency, crypto tokens, and digital assets to transact efficiently without intermediaries.

AI and ML

Designing systems to produce and package the vital data needed for the successful present or future ML or AI-driven analytics implementation.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

RPA programming raises the efficiency of digital systems while improving customer interactions.

Wealth management solution

Powerful data collection and management systems designed to reliably automate essential processes within the private banking industry.

Lending & alternative financing

Multi-channel trading platforms accelerate and satisfy business processes while providing users with expedited access to loans.

Architecture and regulatory consulting

Finger on the pulse consulting for comprehensive business development. Our experts have their finger on the pulse of both leading edge platform architecture and the current regulatory landscape in order to provide comprehensive support to a tech business.

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Why choose Aleph1 services?

Our expert’s at Aleph1 are a innovative, dedicated, positive, and reliable team. We’re working with complex projects and always aim to achieve best in class results. Our team has shared values and beliefs rooted in the pursuit of technical innovation to drive business profits. We endeavor to and always offer more than just the development of financial service products including:

Non-trivial IT solutions to meet market changes

ML or AI-driven analytics implementation

System designing for the successful market presence

Creating dynamic trading & FinTech informatics platforms

A team with proven high tech and regulatory expertise

Building a long-term partnership

Consulting on product adaptation, tech strategies, innovations, and regulatory structures

Financial software development process

Aleph1 provides full product development in financial services to maximize your revenues and ROI. Right from the start, we're going to dive into your processes and become an extension of your team: reliable and always available partners.

Business analysis

We start our project by building and gathering your business requirements. Our analysts will walk you through all the necessary steps to begin developing your product while also gathering all critical business information during an introductory meeting.

Architect solutions

When all essential information is collected and we have a shared understanding of a project, we develop a basic architecture scheme to visualize our product.

Design & Prototyping

At this crucial stage, we create software and work on UX. Our project managers stay in touch with you 24/7.

Testing and deploying

During the full-cycle development phase, we thoroughly check the quality of the end product. Also, we make sure all risks and issues are eliminated before the product launch.

Scaling & support

Aleph1 consulting team offers support and maintenance of your product. At this stage, we can implement new features, upgrade existing functionality and software development.

To start the development process as soon as possible, we recommend our clients prepare some information:

  • Business requirements or functional specs
  • Any existing materials like pitch deck, specs, etc.
  • Request for proposal

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Let’s figure out the next steps to your success.

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