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Since 2016 at Aleph1 we have offered smart contract audit and development services for decentralized finance applications. We’re experts in Solidity, Etherum, and Hyperledger Fabric, including custom blockchain smart contract development.

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Smart Contract development services

Smart contracts are digital agreements that are coded as transaction protocols. This enables the automation of the agreement execution process at the point in time that the terms are met. Being based on blockchain, these contracts are unchangeable even by the parties involved in the agreement. The benefits of data immutability and the self-execution of smart contracts eliminate the need for third-party services enabling faster secure transaction processing.

Aleph1 blockchain smart contract development services include:

  • Solidity smart contracts

    ERC-20 token contracts

    ERC-721 Smart Contracts

  • Application logic contracts (ALCs)

  • Smart contracts for automated claim settlement

  • Smart contract for asset trackings

  • SInvoice smart contracts

  • Payment smart contracts

Benefits of Smart Contracts

The companies with different business models and domains can benefit from implementation of smart contracts to secure and speed up confirmation processes. It will help to set up clear communication between all parties involved that results in operations efficiency increase.

No intermediary parties involved

Smart contracts self-execute only after agreement conditions are met. This solves trust problems as both parties rely on it’s immutable nature eliminating the need for a trusted intermediary. It also helps to reduce transaction costs.

Mutualized Settlement Process

The transaction won't proceed until the established settlement conditions are met. With smart contracts, the settlement process happens simultaneously for all participants involved.

Prevention of identity theft

Due to smart contract encryption technology, the user operates with a public encrypted key that allows access to one’s own public data with no ability to modify it and provides an ability to decipher sensitive information by sharing a private key with the transaction receiver.

Speed and accuracy

Smart contracts automate confirmation processes and eliminate the need for intermediary services. This way, transactions are performed faster while keeping 100% accuracy of data that can’t be changed by any party nor with external intervention.

Better KYC system

Smart contracts prevent identity theft by utilizing encrypted digital IDs that are built into private and public keys. They facilitate distributed user data collection simplifying identity verification. Significantly improving the customer experience by freeing users from the hassles of time consuming paperwork. While simultaneously lowering the administrative burden on back office employees.



Solidity (Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Huobi Smart Chain)

Why Choose Aleph1 for Smart Contract Development?

  • High security. Our contracts have been audited a number of times by the world’s leading auditors like PwC and 3rd party independent security research firms worldwide.

  • Success of the projects we release.

  • We have been in blockchain since 2016 providing smart contract design services on complex projects.

We fund and build tech products to scale

Let’s work together to build something amazing. Share your project details and our team will reply to figure out the next steps to your success.

We fund and build tech products to scale

Let’s work together to build something amazing. Share your project details and our team will reply to figure out the next steps to your success.
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