Aleph One Ukraine Relief Fund

Join Aleph One volunteering effort fighting consequences of recent Russian invasion.

To be clear, we and all Ukrainians are grateful for all support we get from the world. It is the war of all world for humanity. As we already do this internally, we decided to let our partners and clients to get involved individually to our effort in this war. Thank you!


So far we have over 1,000,000 UAH (over $60,000) allocated already

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Our priorities

People we know

If we get a request from our team's family members or friends, we act immediately. Relocation, housing, supplies: anything we can help with.

Volunteering team members

Those who take an action on weekends gets funding directly from this fund. Either acting individually, but more often as a part of volunteering organisation.

Volunteer organisations

In the Western Ukraine where most of our team members are located right now we have partnered with local volunteers so it is easier to coordinate locally and make direct impact: helping refugees, handicapped individuals seeking transport, supplies, housing, etc.


Sometimes we get direct requests for supplying specific units in army with non-military supplies. We get them together and ship.

After we win

We believe there are plenty of work of recovery awaits after the victory. We will direct funds keeping these priorities or allocate them to an established relief fund if they can do it more effectively later.

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