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A Deeper Look Into Venture Studios

Author Ella Napata |

April 24, 2023

A Deeper Look Into Venture Studios

When founders or entrepreneurs seek capital to fund their startups, they often go to venture capitalists firms, angel investors, or banks as their primary options. However, more and more founders are looking towards venture studios to supply them with capital and have a more “hands-on” participation in their company. 

Unlike traditional venture capital firms or banks, venture studios provide the resources, expertise, and support needed to take startups to the next level. 

Are you an entrepreneur seeking capital and support to grow your startup? Learn how venture studios can help with funding & resources.

What is a Venture Studio? 

A venture studio is a hybrid between an incubator, an accelerator, and a venture capital firm. Instead of pitching and getting capital from banks or VCs, founders would form a partnership with a venture studio that can help them with their long-term goals. In turn, the startup would give the venture studio a certain percentage of equity in the company. 

Through a venture studio, the startup would get capital, plus additional support, whether it be software development, HR, product development, or marketing. Through the venture studio model, startups get more support and validation to scale and grow their company.

History of Venture Studios

The concept of venture studios emerged in the late 1990s and early 2000s as a response to the high failure rate of traditional startups. The first venture studio was Idealab, founded by Bill Gross in 1996. Idealab’s model was to generate startup ideas in-house, validate them, and then spin off the most promising ones into independent companies.

Today, venture studios are a growing part of the startup ecosystem, with many entrepreneurs and investors seeing them as a viable alternative to traditional startup incubators and accelerators.

How Does a Venture Studio Work? 

The venture studio model typically follows a structured startup creation and growth approach. Here are the five steps venture studios follow: 

  1. Ideation: The venture studio identifies promising startup ideas.
  2. Validation: The studio tests the idea with target customers and stakeholders to determine market viability.
  3. Incubation: Once the startup idea has been validated, the venture studio will support the new startup with resources to launch its first MVP and help grow the company.
  4. Acceleration: The studio will connect the startup with networks, development teams, expertise, etc., to scale.
  5. Exit: Once the startup reaches a certain level of success, it may go public through an IPO, be bought by another company, or become a standalone company. A venture studio will help the startup throughout the process.

A venture studio is an investment partner that is there for the startup every step of the way. From idea all the way to launch, venture studios want the best outcomes for their client. 

Venture Studio vs Other Investment Options 

Although going to venture capitalist firms, angel investors, private equity firms, etc., may be good options, they won’t have the same hands-on involvement venture studios have.

Venture studios spend significant resources, financial or non-financial, to create and launch a startup’s product. Whether it’s cash, development support, or mentorship, a venture studio will act as an extension of the startup team.

They are very invested in the company’s overall success and will reach out for expertise and network support to launch efficiently and effectively. 

Unlike investment firms that mainly invest in already well-established startups, venture studios, on the other hand, collaborate with entrepreneurs who are in the ideation or early stage.

Aleph One Venture Studio Case Study

The venture studio model has been around for decades and has helped many startups evolve. At Aleph One, one of our first successful venture studio investments was with the eCommerce platform 

When Aleph One CEO Stanislav Synko, spoke with founders for the first time, they needed capital to create the technology for their online platform. 

After assessing their tech product, it was clear to Stanislav that needed more than just capital. They needed guidance from tech experts to get their eCommerce site off the ground. 

Aleph One decided to apply the venture studio model, invested our capital into, and employed a number of our software development team to support in creating the website. 

Through this partnership, successfully launched and has grown to sell millions of products yearly. 

Final Thoughts

Venture Studios offers entrepreneurs a unique opportunity to turn their ideas into successful businesses with the support of a team of experts.

Startups can connect with venture studios by networking at startup events and investors and contacting a venture studio’s team directly.

At Aleph One, we have been working with startups as a Venture studio partner and software development team. We invest $50k-100k in the startups we work with and manage their technical teams to build custom software. If you want to learn more and connect with us, please get in touch with us


What kind of support and resources do Venture Studios offer startups?

Venture studios typically offer a range of support and resources, such as funding, mentorship, access to talent, and shared services like legal and HR.

How do you identify and evaluate potential startup ideas?

Venture studios use various methods to identify and evaluate potential startup ideas, including market research, customer feedback, and internal brainstorming sessions.

What is the equity split between the venture studio and the startup?

The equity split varies depending on the venture studio and the specific arrangement with the startup, but a typical range is 10-20% for the venture studio and 80-90% for the startup.

What is your timeline for launching a startup?

The timeline for launching a startup can vary depending on the idea and the resources available, but most venture studios aim to launch a startup within 6-12 months.

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