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Aleph One Boosts Startup Marketing Expertise for Venture Studio with Recent Acquisition

Author David Pierini Esq. |

July 6, 2023

Embarking on a new chapter on our journey to help startups grow, we are thrilled to announce our recent acquisition. Some Growth Agency (SGA), a fast-growing and high-impact marketing agency, is now officially part of the Aleph One family. SGA’s marketing leadership comes with decades of experience implementing revenue-driving marketing programs for startups and established companies across multiple categories and industries.

In this spirit of innovation and collective progress, we at Aleph One are excited about the opportunities unlocked by this key acquisition and the introduction of our new marketing arm, aptly named Aleph One Marketing.

Over the years, Aleph One has nurtured a growing portfolio of startups, empowering them with dedicated technical teams and scalable tech strategies to build lasting companies. We’ve always prided ourselves on equipping our companies with the best tools and resources for success.

The acquisition of SGA and the addition of its marketing leadership and team is proof of this commitment. Moving forward, we won’t just help build the product and technological infrastructure for startups; we will also develop and implement marketing systems to help achieve market leadership.

Despite its cheeky name, Some Growth Agency is no ordinary agency; it’s a high-growth marketing powerhouse focused on strategy, go-to-market, and operations. Their record of delivering exceptional client results is a testament to their marketing acumen. This ability forms a powerful synergy when combined with our vast technological expertise. Together, we aim to create tailored marketing strategies and integrated marketing approaches that solve the most challenging problems startups often encounter in their marketing escapades.

Having SGA’s team on board opens up many new possibilities. Our CEO, Stanislav Synko, exudes excitement over this union, stating, “Their expertise in driving impactful go-to-market strategies makes them the perfect addition to our growing team.”

For SGA, this partnership presents an exciting opportunity to work with our portfolio companies and apply their industry knowledge to help these businesses thrive. Jess Bahr, CMO/Founder of SGA, rightly puts it, “It’s a win-win situation. We get to contribute to an incredible group of businesses while also benefiting from Aleph One’s strong investment and industry connections.”

But our ambitions don’t stop here. Combining the Aleph One venture studio with an experienced marketing team opens an opportunity to build innovative AI-driven marketing tools. In an age of technological transformation, AI can be the secret ingredient needed to enhance the marketing efforts of our portfolio companies and clients. We understand that the world is ever-changing, and keeping ahead of the constant flux is imperative. AI, in this context, has the potential to offer robust and adaptive solutions that allow our startups to remain competitive and relevant.

This acquisition is not just about growing our team; it’s about championing the growth of our portfolio companies. It’s about extending the resources, expertise, and support necessary for them to succeed in an incredibly competitive market. This exciting alliance underscores our dedication to ensuring our portfolio companies survive and thrive in their respective industries.

Buckle up and come with us on this exciting journey of growth and innovation!

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