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AR for Influencers: How Augmented Reality Revolutionizes Social Media Marketing

Author Ella Napata |

June 8, 2023

AR for Influencers How Augmented Reality Revolutionizes Social Media Marketing

Augmented reality (AR) has emerged as a game-changing technology for influencers, providing new and innovative ways to engage their followers and revolutionize social media marketing.  With AR, influencers can go beyond the limitations of traditional photos and videos, transforming their followers’ surroundings, teleporting them to different locations, and offering them unique and unbelievable experiences. This article explores the profound impact of AR on influencer marketing, from the ability to provide extraordinary experiences to unlocking new opportunities for brand partnerships and sponsorships. The future of AR-powered influencer experiences is bright, promising endless possibilities and reshaping how influencers connect with their followers.

AR for Influencers How Augmented Reality Revolutionizes Social Media Marketing

Influencers are Early Adopters of AR Technology

Influencers always look for new ways to engage followers. Many influencers have adopted augmented reality (AR) tools like Snapchat Lenses and Instagram Effects to create interactive experiences for followers. According to Snapchat, users have created and viewed over 1 billion AR Lenses. Influencers make up a large portion of this.

New Social Media Experiences For Followers

Influencers understand that their followers crave new and unique social media experiences. AR allows influencers to offer their followers immersive experiences beyond what is possible with traditional photos and videos. For example, influencers can transform their followers’ surroundings with 3D objects and effects or teleport them to different locations with portals and wormholes. These incredible AR experiences build hype and excitement around the influencer and their brand.

Influencer Brand Based on AR

Some influencers have built a reputation for their creative use of AR. For example, influencer Alexis Ren is known for frequently using Snapchat Lenses and Instagram Effects to transform her appearance and surroundings. Her followers eagerly anticipate her latest AR creation and flock to her social channels to experience and engage with her content. The interactive and shareable nature of AR lends itself perfectly to influencer marketing.

Brand Partnerships and Sponsorships

AR also gives influencers new opportunities for brand partnerships and sponsorships. Brands are eager to tap into influencers’ creativity and reach new audiences through AR experiences. For example, brands can have influencers create custom AR Lenses, filters, and effects featuring branded elements like logos, products, or mascots. Influencers can then promote these experiences to their followers, resulting in a highly engaging influencer marketing campaign for the brand.

Influencers have eagerly adopted AR as a tool to craft immersive social experiences, build their brand, and partner with sponsors. For influencer marketing, AR opens up possibilities. The future is bright for AR-powered influencer experiences.

AR Allows Influencers to Provide Unique Experiences

Augmented reality allows influencers to offer their followers immersive experiences that are impossible with traditional media. For example, influencers can transform their followers’ surroundings by adding 3D objects, effects, and animations or teleport them to different locations with portals and wormholes. These incredible experiences build hype and excitement around the influencer.

Altering Followers Environments

Influencers utilize AR by creating lenses, filters, and effects that alter followers’ environments. Snapchat Lenses and Instagram Effects make it easy for influencers to design experiences where followers can see the world through the influencer’s eyes. For instance, influencers can make their followers’ eyes change color, add virtual makeup or hairstyles, or surround them with butterflies or hearts. These transformative effects give followers a glimpse into the influencer’s creative mind.

Transport Followers to Different Times and Places

Influencers also use AR to transport their followers to different times and places. Portals and wormholes are widespread effects where followers see a swirling vortex that moves them to a new location. For example, influencers can create a portal that takes followers from their living room to a tropical beach or a wormhole that moves them from the city to outer space. These teleportation effects give followers an escape from everyday life into the influencer’s curated environments.

3D and Animated AR Effects

Some influencers are getting even more advanced with AR by using 3D objects and animations to change a follower’s space radically. Influencers can add floating 3D words, logos, or mascots that followers can move around and interact with. They can also create fantastical animations like shooting stars, floating lanterns, or fireworks shows that followers experience in their homes. These 3D and animated AR effects demonstrate the influencer’s skill with technology and ability to craft impactful experiences.

AR gives influencers tools to transform the world around their followers and transport them to new places. From fun filters and effects to portals, wormholes, and 3D animations, influencers use AR to provide their followers with unique experiences that build excitement and boost engagement. AR opens up a new world of creative possibilities for influencer marketing to connect innovatively with audiences. 

Nike’s AR Campaign: A Case Study of Influencer Marketing Success

In 2018, Nike launched an innovative AR campaign to promote their new Vaporfly 4% sneakers. The campaign allowed followers to scan a QR code to view a 3D model of the sneakers through their phone camera using AR technology. Influencers like Devin Brugman and Natasha Oakley, who have a combined 6 million Instagram followers, helped promote the experience to their massive audiences.

AR Experience Created Hype

The AR experience created hype and excitement around the new sneakers. Followers could view the 3D model from all angles, zoom in on different details and even see cutouts of the shoe’s high-tech components. This allowed potential customers to explore the sneakers in an interactive way not possible with a standard photo. The experience gave the impression that the sneakers magically appeared in the real world through the phone screen.

QR Code to Unlock Exclusive AR Surprise

The influencers posted teasers about the “futuristic new sneakers” and encouraged their followers to scan the QR code to unlock an exclusive AR surprise. The cryptic posts built suspense and curiosity to drive high participation in the experience. Once followers scanned the code, they were amazed to see the 3D sneakers come to life on their cameras. The influencers leveraged this excitement by posting reaction selfies and videos of their followers exploring the AR sneakers.

Campaign Generated Over 1 Billion Social Media Impressions

The campaign was a massive success, generating over 1 billion social media impressions in just three days. It demonstrated how AR could create a sense of spectacle that travels virally on social media. The experience was highly shareable, with followers posting reaction videos and selfies to spread the hype to their networks. This shows the potential for AR to amplify the reach and impact of influencer campaigns.

Nike’s AR campaign was a pioneering case study of how AR can elevate influencer marketing. The interactive and shareable experience created buzz and excitement, translating into huge exposure for Nike’s new product launch. It highlighted how AR could provide exclusive, immersive experiences between brands, influencers, and followers that drive real business impact. The campaign pointed to a future where AR plays a key role in innovative influencer marketing partnerships.

Instagram and Snapchat Give Influencers AR Superpowers

Platforms like Instagram and Snapchat have built-in AR tools that give influencers “superpowers” to create engaging effects. Influencers can easily make interactive lenses, filters, and effects for their followers. For example, influencers can transform their followers into characters, teleport them into different worlds or make virtual objects come to life in their space.

Instagram AR Effects

Instagram launched AR Effects 2016, allowing influencers to create face filters, 3D scenes, and interactive stickers. Influencers like James Charles, Zach King, and Emma Chamberlain have used Instagram AR effects to morph their followers into different characters, transport them to fantasy worlds and bring illustrations to life. These experiences generate excitement, boost engagement and increase follower growth.

Snapchat Lenses

Similarly, Snapchat introduced Lenses in 2015, which give influencers the power to craft AR experiences for their followers. Snapchat influencers have created Lenses that turn followers into puppies, princesses, or zombies, take virtual vacations to beaches or jungles, and build 3D scenes around them. Some influencers like CyreneQ have gained over a million followers by creating popular Lenses.

AR Tools Are Easy to Use

Influencers love AR tools because they’re easy to use. They don’t need technical skills to create engaging AR effects. They can select templates, add creative touches and share the experience with followers. This allows influencers to provide interactive content that keeps their followers entertained.

Influencer Marketing

The popularity of AR effects on Instagram and Snapchat demonstrates their power for influencer marketing. When influencers drop a new AR lens or effect, their followers flock to try it out and share the experience on their social channels. This viral spread exposes new audiences to the influencer and boosts their visibility. AR effects are a win-win, providing value to followers and growth opportunities for influencers.

Platforms like Instagram and Snapchat have democratized AR creation and given influencers simple yet powerful tools to craft experiences for their followers. AR effects have become an essential strategy for influencers to boost engagement, gain new followers and build their brands. The influencers who leverage AR most creatively are poised to continue growing their popularity and success. 

The Future of AR Influencer Marketing: Endless Possibilities

AR influencer marketing is still in its infancy but shows enormous growth potential. As AR technologies become more advanced and widely adopted, the experiences influencers can provide for their followers will be nearly endless.

Virtual Makeovers at the Scan of a QR Code

Soon, influencers can offer their followers virtual makeovers where they can see different hair colors, makeup looks, or even plastic surgery results on themselves through their phone cameras. Followers could scan a QR code or effect provided by the influencer and then see their reflection transformed in real-time. This would allow influencers in the beauty and fashion space to showcase different looks and styles to followers engagingly.

Interactive Stories and Adventures

Influencers may also craft interactive stories and adventures where followers’ decisions determine how the story unfolds. For example, followers could be presented with options for how a story should progress and then see the results of their choices play out through AR. Influencers could build suspense and intrigue by providing cliffhangers and plot twists in these virtual tales. This storytelling method would make followers feel like they are in the driver’s seat, directly impacting the influencer’s content.

Multi-user AR Experiences

Multi-user AR experiences are also on the horizon, where an influencer’s followers can interact with each other in a shared virtual environment. Imagine an influencer hosting a virtual dance party, concert, or other events that followers worldwide can attend together via AR. Followers might have avatars that can dance, cheer and move together. Influencers could also organize virtual meet and greets, Q&As, or games that followers can participate in together through multi-user AR experiences.

AR is Transforming How Influencers Engage

The possibilities for innovative AR influencer campaigns of the future are truly endless. Influencers and brands experimenting with AR today will have a competitive advantage as these technologies mature and are widely used. AR is poised to fundamentally transform how influencers engage with their followers and how brands partner with influencers.

How can influencers ensure they are effectively using AR technology to boost engagement without overwhelming or confusing their followers?

To effectively use AR technology without overwhelming or confusing followers, influencers should focus on providing clear instructions or tutorials on how to use the AR features. They can also create content showcasing the AR experiences’ value and purpose, ensuring their followers understand the benefits of participating. By keeping the design and functionality of the AR experiences simple and user-friendly, influencers can avoid overwhelming their followers while still delivering unique, engaging content.

What specific types of AR experiences have proven to be the most successful in terms of engagement and audience growth for influencers?

Some of the most successful AR experiences in terms of engagement and audience growth for influencers include face filters, interactive games, and location-based experiences. Face filters allow followers to easily share their transformed images on social media, encouraging sharing and engaging a wider audience. Interactive games can create a sense of friendly competition among followers, promoting engagement, while location-based experiences provide an immersive way to explore new surroundings.

How can smaller influencers with limited resources get started with AR and leverage this technology to grow their engagement and audience size?

Smaller influencers with limited resources can leverage AR technology using built-in AR tools on platforms like Instagram and Snapchat. These tools often provide pre-designed templates and effects that influencers can easily customize and share with followers. Additionally, influencers can collaborate with other influencers or brands familiar with AR technology to learn and grow their skills. By taking advantage of these tools and collaborations, influencers can create engaging AR content without spending significant time or money on the process.

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