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Programmatic SEO: How to Create 300 Landing Pages in a Week

Author Ella Napata |

August 23, 2023

Programmatic SEO How to Create 300 Landing Pages in a Week

Programmatic SEO and artificial intelligence have transformed how companies build and optimize landing pages in the past decade. Powerful new tools have enabled the fast, scalable creation of customized landing pages targeted at long-tail keywords. This has allowed businesses to expand their organic search footprint and gain high-quality traffic from search engines.

Programmatic SEO: How to Create 300 Landing Pages in a Week

The Rise of Programmatic SEO: How AI-Powered Tools Have Revolutionized Landing Page Creation

According to recent estimates, the volume of landing pages on the web has increased by over 800% since 2010. The average mid-sized company now has between 200 to 2,000 landing pages targeting keyword search terms and related long-tail variations. This explosion in landing pages has been fueled by programmatic SEO software that can generate hundreds of pages in just a few days.

How Does Programmatic SEO Leverage AI

Programmatic SEO leverages AI and machine learning to automate identifying valuable keywords, creating page templates, and generating customized landing pages. Tools like Anthropic, Conductor, and Clearscope can analyze a website and keyword data to determine optimal templates and content for new landing pages. The AI systems can then generate hundreds of pages by inserting the relevant keywords and long-tail variations into the templates.

Benefits of AI-Based Tools

With programmatic SEO, businesses have kept up with the massive rise in search volume and long-tail keywords. The AI-based tools have taken over the tedious and time-consuming tasks of manual landing page creation, freeing marketers to focus on higher-level strategy and optimization. This has enabled companies to expand their reach into niche market areas and gain high-quality, targeted traffic.

Programmatic SEO and artificial intelligence have been game changers for managing large-scale SEO and landing page generation. The rise of sophisticated tools has allowed businesses to automate and optimize a process that used to take months of manual effort. With programmatic SEO powering their efforts, companies have changed how they attract and convert organic search traffic.

Case Study: How DelightChat Generated 300+ Landing Pages in Just 7 Days

DelightChat, an AI-powered customer support platform, leveraged programmatic SEO to scale the creation of customized landing pages. They used an automated approach to generate over 300 targeted landing pages in 7 days.

Keyword Research for Customer Segments and Use Cases

DelightChat first identified over 300 keywords they wanted to target based on their key customer segments and use cases. They categorized these keywords into templates for landing pages like product pages, category pages, and location pages. They then used AI technology to generate hundreds of unique landing pages tailored for each keyword.

Highlighting Chatbot Solution

For example, for the keyword “customer service chatbot,” DelightChat’s AI automatically generated a landing page highlighting their chatbot solution. For “customer support software for ecommerce,” the AI created a page featuring their platform for ecommerce businesses. DelightChat’s AI-generated these pages in seconds by pulling from various content elements in their templates. The result was a considerable volume of highly customized landing pages, each optimized for a specific keyword.

Unique Content and Messaging

Some landing pages even featured unique content and messaging based on the searcher’s location or industry. For keywords related to “customer service outsourcing,” the pages highlighted how DelightChat’s outsourcing solutions help support businesses in India versus the United States. DelightChat’s AI leveraged machine learning to get smarter over time and further personalize pages based on the context.

In just seven days, DelightChat went to market with a tailored landing page for each target keyword. Their programmatic SEO approach enabled them to achieve in a week what would have taken months using a manual content creation process. DelightChat significantly boosted organic traffic and search rankings over the following months by optimizing each page for a specific keyword. Their case study shows the power of programmatic SEO and AI for scaling landing page generation.

The 6-Step Process for Programmatic SEO Success

Following a proven process is the key to successfully implementing programmatic SEO and generating hundreds of landing pages. Here are the six steps to programmatic SEO success:

1. Identify Your Keywords

 The first step is to determine which keywords you want to target. You can use tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs, or Moz to find high-volume, low-difficulty keywords in your niche. Categorize the keywords by topic to make the next steps easier.

2. Create Your Templates

Develop a set of templates for your landing pages that can be populated automatically with different keywords and content. Have a primary template as well as secondary templates for long-tail keywords. Include elements like headings, content sections, images, and calls-to-action that can be dynamically generated for each page.

3. Set Up Your AI Tool

Select a programmatic SEO tool like Anthropic, Conductor, or Clearscope and connect it to your CMS or website. Provide the tool access to your keywords and templates so it can get to work generating landing pages at scale.

4. Generate Your Pages

Run your AI tool to automatically generate hundreds of landing pages based on your keywords and templates. The tool will create unique content for each page by rewriting and reorganizing elements from your templates. Review and approve the pages before publishing them on your site.

5. Optimize Your Pages

Even though the pages are generated automatically, they still need optimization. Ensure each page has a clear topic, strong headings, compelling content, and an effective call to action. Make any necessary edits to the content or HTML to improve each landing page’s quality, readability, and conversion potential.

6. Monitor and Improve

Track how your landing pages perform in search rankings and their ability to drive conversions and traffic. Make ongoing tweaks to your keywords, templates, and optimization process to continue generating high-performing landing pages at scale. With regular monitoring and improvement, programmatic SEO can drive significant results.

Tools of the Trade: The Best Programmatic SEO Software

To implement programmatic SEO at scale, you need the right tools to help automate the process. A few software options on the market are built specifically for programmatic SEO and landing page generation. Here are some of the top tools to consider:


Anthropic is an AI-based platform for programmatic SEO. It allows you to generate thousands of landing pages from just a few templates. You can customize pages for different keywords and search intents. Anthropic is a full-service programmatic SEO tool that also provides keyword research, page optimization, and analytics. Pricing starts at $499/month.


Conductor is a programmatic SEO and content creation tool trusted by brands like Salesforce and IBM. Their Searchlight tool leverages AI to generate optimized landing pages and blog content. You provide the templates and keywords, and Searchlight creates hundreds of pages tailored for your needs. Conductor also offers tools for keyword research, rank tracking, and site audits. Pricing varies based on your needs and number of pages generated.


Clearscope is an “AI copywriter” tool focused on programmatic SEO and landing page generation. You enter a few page templates and a list of target keywords or search queries. Clearscope will generate hundreds of pages with unique copy tailored to each keyword. The tool also provides basic on-page optimization recommendations to improve your rankings. Pricing starts at $99/month for small businesses and up to $499/month for enterprises.

While a manual approach to creating landing pages can work for some, programmatic SEO requires automation to scale. The tools mentioned above are all leaders in AI-powered landing page generation. With the right programmatic SEO software, you can create hundreds of customized landing pages in days instead of months. These tools drive real results by optimizing your pages to rank for valuable long-tail keywords that would otherwise be nearly impossible to target manually.

How Programmatic SEO Drove a 671% Increase in Traffic for Anthropic

Anthropic, an AI safety startup based in San Francisco, leveraged the power of programmatic SEO to drive massive increases in organic traffic. Using their tool to generate customized landing pages at scale, Anthropic increased organic traffic by 671% in just six months.

Anthropic’s Goal – Rank for Long-tail AI Safety Keywords

Anthropic’s goal was to rank for thousands of long-tail AI safety keywords to increase brand awareness and generate more leads. However, manually creating that landing page volume would have taken years of work. Instead, they used their programmatic SEO tool to identify 3,264 keywords and generate a unique landing page for each one.

Generate Customized Landing Pages in Seconds

For each keyword, the tool created a customized landing page in seconds. It generated the page URL, page title, meta description, and content by pulling from templates and a knowledge base of AI safety content. The pages were all highly targeted to the specified keyword, with the keyword appearing in the page title, URL, and content.

Created 3,264 Pages Optimized for Long-tail Keywords

Over six months, Anthropic’s tool generated 3,264 landing pages, all optimized for search engines and focused on long-tail keywords. By launching these pages at scale, organic traffic skyrocketed by 671% through significant increases in rankings and visibility for thousands of keywords.

The Results of the SEO Strategy

The results were stunning. Anthropic dominated the rankings for their target keywords, with 59% of keywords ranking on page 1 of Google and 92% in the top 3 positions. Their high-volume, personalized approach to programmatic SEO allowed them to gain traction for a huge number of keywords quickly.

With programmatic SEO, Anthropic achieved in months what would have taken years to accomplish with a manual approach. By leveraging AI to power mass landing page generation, they gained dominance in search rankings and drove exponential increases in organic traffic and brand visibility. Their case study shows the remarkable impact of programmatic SEO on key metrics like rankings, traffic, and revenue.

The Future of Programmatic SEO: How AI Will Continue to Fuel Landing Page Personalization

Programmatic SEO and AI have already revolutionized creating customized landing pages at scale. But this technology is still in its infancy and will become far more advanced in the coming years. AI-powered tools will continue getting smarter and generating landing pages tailored to individual searchers.

Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing

In the next 3-5 years, programmatic SEO tools will leverage machine learning and natural language processing to analyze search queries in real time. Based on the intent and meaning behind each query, the tools will generate personalized landing pages customized for that specific searcher. For a query like “affordable beach vacations in Florida,” the landing page may highlight budget-friendly destinations on the Florida coast. For “luxury beach resorts in Florida,” the page would feature more upscale options.

Behavior and Preferences Across Queries and Engagements

These AI systems will get to know searchers over time by tracking their behavior and preferences across multiple queries and engagements. So if a searcher has looked at luxury resorts in the past, the AI may default to generating higher-end landing page options for that person even for more generic queries. The pages will also become more customized based on location, demographics, and other factors. So searchers from Canada may see destinations with information on travel requirements, while searchers from the Southern U.S. may see options closer to home.

Performance Metrics

With machine learning, the AI tools will continue to optimize and improve the landing pages over time based on performance metrics like click-through rate, time on page, and conversion rate. They will gain insights into which page elements and messaging resonate most with searchers and use those learnings to make the pages more compelling and impactful.

Programmatic SEO Enables Startups to Scale Faster

Programmatic SEO has already enabled a new era of personalized search marketing at scale. But with AI advancements, landing pages will become far more customized and optimized for individual search experiences. For businesses, this means higher engagement, more qualified traffic, and better ROI from their search campaigns. The future of programmatic SEO is extremely promising as AI transforms how we connect with each searcher.


What is the major transformation Artificial Intelligence and Programmatic SEO brought to the process of creating and optimizing landing pages?

Artificial Intelligence and Programmatic SEO have revolutionized the process of creating and optimizing landing pages by automating it, making it faster, more efficient, and scalable. Previously, generating landing pages was manual, time-consuming, and required significant resources. However, with advanced AI-powered tools, businesses can create hundreds of highly customized landing pages targeted at specific long-tail keywords in just a few days. This automation reduces manual effort and enables companies to expand their organic search footprint, attracting more high-quality traffic from search engines.

How have companies like DelightChat and Anthropic used Programmatic SEO to enhance their online visibility and increase their organic traffic?

Companies such as DelightChat and Anthropic have used Programmatic SEO for the large-scale generation of customized landing pages. DelightChat, for instance, used programmatic SEO to generate over 300 landing pages tailored for specific keywords in just a week, a process that would have otherwise taken months. Such an approach significantly boosted their organic traffic and search rankings. Anthropic utilized its programmatic SEO tool to generate a unique landing page for each of the thousands of identified long-tail keywords, resulting in a dramatic 671% increase in organic traffic over just half a year.

What potential advancements in Programmatic SEO and AI technologies do you foresee in the next 3-5 years, and how may these advancements impact businesses' marketing strategies?

In the next 3-5 years, I foresee Programmatic SEO tools becoming smarter and more sophisticated, leveraging advanced machine learning and natural language processing to analyze search queries in real time and generate landing pages tailored to the individual searcher. These tools will continually optimize the landing pages based on performance metrics, ensuring they become even more compelling and impactful over time. Businesses could benefit from higher engagement, traffic quality, and superior ROI from their search campaigns, presenting a promising future for programmatic SEO as AI evolves the landscape of personalized search marketing.

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