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The Power of Reddit: A Guide to Ethically Promoting Your MVP and Engaging with Users for Feedback

Author Ella Napata |

July 4, 2023

The Power of Reddit A Guide to Ethically Promoting Your MVP and Engaging with Users for Feedback

Reddit has emerged as a powerful platform with over 330 million monthly users, offering immense potential for businesses to promote their Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) and gather valuable user feedback. However, effective marketing on Reddit requires a strategic approach that prioritizes ethical engagement and understanding of the platform’s diverse communities. This article is a comprehensive guide highlighting the importance of defining your target audience, analyzing subreddits, surveying users, and optimizing your Reddit marketing efforts. It also explores the benefits of utilizing Reddit Ads, influencer marketing, and hosting Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions. By harnessing the power of Reddit, businesses can validate their products, expand their reach, and foster genuine connections with their target audience.

The Power of Reddit: A Guide to Ethically Promoting Your MVP and Engaging with Users for Feedback

Target Your Tribe: How to Define Your Audience on Reddit

You must first define your target audience to promote your MVP on Reddit. Reddit has over 330 million monthly users, so you need to narrow down the communities most likely interested in your product.

Start by Analyzing Different Subreddits 

Start by analyzing different subreddits to find where your potential customers hang out. Look at the topics of discussion and level of engagement to determine if users have the right interests and level of enthusiasm. Use Reddit analytics tools like Reddit Insight and Investigator to evaluate subreddits. They provide metrics on activity levels, influencers, and interests.

Survey Users and Gain a Deeper Understanding

Once you find promising subreddits, survey users to better understand their pain points and needs. Engage with them in discussions and ask for feedback on your product concept. Build personas based on their responses to help guide your messaging.

Example – App Research for New Parents

For example, if you have an app for new parents, focus on subreddits like r/NewParents and r/Parenting. See what they talk about the most and what they wish was easier. Then craft content and messaging tailored to those interests and needs.

Define an Audience Segment

Defining a tight audience segment is key to success on Reddit. With over 330 million monthly users, you need to be laser-focused. Only try to appeal to some. Find your tribe, learn what they care about, and provide value tailored to them.

Determine the Best Way to Reach Your Audience

When a clear audience is defined, you can determine the best strategy to reach them. Should you run promoted posts and ads in their communities? Work with influencers they already follow? Host an AMA to start a direct conversation?

The audience targeting you do upfront will make all of your Reddit marketing efforts more effective. You’ll achieve higher engagement, more upvotes, increased traffic, and better feedback. Take the time to understand your potential Reddit customers before broadly promoting your MVP. With the right audience and messaging, Reddit can be an invaluable channel for validating your product. 

The Art of Reddit Ads: A Promoted Post Campaign Case Study

Reddit Ads, specifically Promoted Posts, offer an opportunity to reach Reddit’s massive audience of over 330 million monthly users. In 2019, the mobile game “Idle Heroes” ran a successful Promoted Post campaign, generating over 200,000 installs and a very low cost per install. They spent $30,000 on the campaign, demonstrating how cost-efficient Reddit Ads can be.

Idle Heroes – Eye-Catching Ad Features

The Idle Heroes ad featured eye-catching visuals of in-game characters, loot, and a call-to-action to “Download Now.” The copy targeted their audience of gamers, emphasizing that the game is “packed with action-packed combat, unique heroes, and an endless amount of loot.” They chose to promote gaming-related subreddits where their potential customers were most active.

Promoted Post – High Level of Engagement 

The Promoted Post received 4,000 upvotes and over 800 comments and was gilded, meaning a user spent money highlighting it. This shows the high level of engagement the ad achieved. When users engage with and upvote an ad, it signals to Reddit that the ad is interesting and relevant to the community. Reddit’s ad auction model then rewards that ad with a lower cost per impression and more impressions.

Reddit Ads Result with Idle Heroes

This level of engagement and the resulting low cost allowed Idle Heroes to achieve an install volume usually only possible with a larger ad spend on other platforms. The lesson here is that to succeed with Reddit Ads, you must first build an ad targeted precisely to your audience and optimized to drive engagement. If you achieve upvotes, comments, and an authentic discussion around your ad, you’ll be rewarded with a low cost per result.

Full Control with Target, Creative and Budget with Promoted Posts

Promoted Posts are a self-serve advertising solution, meaning you can set up and launch a campaign yourself with no contact with a sales rep required. You have full control over targeting, creative, and budget. And because you only pay for results (impressions, clicks, conversions), there is little risk. If your campaign does not resonate, you can turn it off without wasting your budget. Promoted Posts are a perfect entry point for startups looking to test the waters with Reddit Ads.

With the right creative and targeting, Reddit Ads can drive tremendous results, as demonstrated by Idle Heroes. They are an opportunity that marketers should pay attention to. Reddit’s self-serve options and auction model make the platform accessible to businesses of all sizes.

Influencer Marketing: How to Work with Reddit Influencers

Influencer marketing on Reddit involves collaborating with users who strongly influence your target audience. To find influencers, analyze profiles in your target subreddits with high karma scores, many followers, and a history of popular posts. These influencers have built trust and credibility within the community.

Reach Out to Reddit Influencers

Reach out to potential influencers via Reddit chat to start a conversation. Explain your product or service, your target audience, and your goals for an influencer campaign. Be willing to provide free product samples in exchange for an honest review from the influencer. You may need to negotiate on price, as top influencers on large subreddits can charge between $500 to $5,000 or more per post, depending on their reach and engagement.

Daniel Wellington – Watches Influencer Campaign

For example, the watch company Daniel Wellington ran an influencer campaign on r/Watches, one of Reddit’s largest watch enthusiast communities with over 500,000 subscribers. They worked with top influencers on the subreddit who reviewed free watches provided by Daniel Wellington. The reviews received thousands of upvotes and sparked discussions, raising brand awareness and driving sales for Daniel Wellington.

How to Prepare Influencers with Your Product

When you find interested influencers, provide all the details they need to create a great post about your product or service. Give them samples, product details, images, and other relevant information. Be available to answer any questions they have to ensure they have a good understanding of what you want to promote.

Keep the Conversation Going and Engage With the Community

Once the influencer posts about your product, engage with the community in the comments. Answer questions, provide more details, and keep the discussion going. Track the post’s performance to measure success and see how much traffic and interest was driven. Use tools like Reddit Insight to analyze upvotes, comments, traffic sources, and more.

Influencer marketing on Reddit allows one to tap into highly engaged communities and reach new potential customers. You can achieve fantastic results and growth by building relationships with influencers, providing value, and optimizing for discussion. While it may require an investment, influencer marketing on Reddit can be an extremely cost-effective channel for promoting your business.

The Power of AMAs: How to Get Feedback from Your Target Audience

Hosting an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit is an excellent way to get valuable feedback from your target audience. An AMA allows you to have an open conversation with interested users and gain insights into their perspectives.

Choose the Right Subreddit to Host Your AMA

To start, you need to find the appropriate subreddits to host your AMA. Analyze different communities to determine which ones align best with your product or service. Reach out to the moderators of those subreddits to schedule a date and time for your AMA. Explain the purpose of your AMA and provide some background on your business. The moderators can promote your AMA to increase visibility.

Build Hype Leading Up to Your AMA

In the days leading up to your AMA, build excitement. Explain what users can expect to discuss and how they will benefit from participating. Share the date, time, and a link to your website or product page for context. Engage with people in the comments to start building relationships.

Answer Openly and Honestly

During the AMA, focus on answering questions openly and honestly. Provide thoughtful responses, not just short or promotional answers. Ask follow-up questions to spark further discussion. Try to reply to as many questions as possible, especially in the first hour of the AMA when engagement will be highest.

Elaborate on Features and Benefits

Discuss the features and benefits of your product or service, but avoid being overly self-promotional. Share how you came up with the idea and what challenges you have faced as a business. Ask people about their experiences with similar products and what would make them switch or try something new. Try to gain insights into their pain points and unmet needs.

Gather Feedback

An AMA also allows you to get feedback on potential new features or directions for your business. Explain your ideas and ask what people like or dislike about them. Let the audience know you are actively listening to their input. Thank everyone for their questions and participation.

Gain Takeaways from the AMA

After the AMA ends, evaluate the feedback and discussions to determine key takeaways. Look for common requests, concerns, or suggestions that could inform your product roadmap or marketing strategy. An AMA provides a wealth of qualitative data straight from your target audience. The right engagement can be a very impactful tactic for startups and new products. Hosting regular AMAs is also a great way to build an ongoing connection with your community over time.

Optimizing for Engagement: How to Get the Most Out of Your Reddit Marketing

To succeed on Reddit, you must provide value to the community. Post content that sparks discussions, not just promotions. Comment on other threads in your target subreddits. Use Reddit chat to start personal conversations with users. Run contests and giveaways for more engagement. Track your metrics with tools like Reddit Insight to see what’s working.

Pokemon Go – Built Massive Hype During Beta Testing

For example, the mobile game “Pokemon Go” built massive hype on Reddit by engaging fans during their beta test. They posted updates, shared details about new features, and responded to questions and feedback in the comments. The brand’s active participation and behind-the-scenes access made fans feel valued, driving over 10,000 upvotes and 15,000 comments on some posts.

Post Updates and Participate in Discussions

Once your product or service launches, continue engaging with your audience. Post updates, share how you use customer feedback, and participate in discussions. Provide promo codes and coupons to your most engaged fans. The more you interact with your community, the more loyal they will become.

How to Improve Engagement on Your Reddit Posts

Monitoring how people respond to your posts and making changes to improve engagement is also important. Look at factors like:

  • Upvote percentage: Aim for over 70-80% upvotes on your posts. Lower percentages mean the content may not resonate or seem promotional.
  • Comments: More comments generally mean higher engagement. Look for posts with over 100-200 comments. Analyze the sentiment and topics of discussion.
  • Questions: See if people are asking follow-up questions or need clarification. Be responsive and provide helpful information.
  • Shares: Check if your posts are being cross-posted to other communities. Cross-posts expand your reach and introduce you to new potential customers. Engage with these new audiences as well.
  • Traffic referrals: See how much traffic is from Reddit to your website or product pages. Higher traffic indicates your Reddit marketing strategy is working.

By optimizing your Reddit marketing for value and engagement, these fans will continue to spread awareness of your product or service through recommendations, upvotes, comments, and shares. Reddit can be an ongoing source of feedback, growth, and new customers if you actively participate in the community you’re building.

The Future of Reddit Marketing: Trends and Opportunities

Reddit is the sixth most visited website in the U.S. and continues to grow rapidly, especially among younger generations like Millennials and Gen Z. As Reddit’s audience expands, new opportunities for marketers emerge.

Video Content and Live Streaming on Reddit

One major trend is the rise of video content and live streaming on Reddit. Subreddits like r/LivestreamFail and r/TheGamerLounge have become popular, and Reddit has introduced native video uploading and streaming features. There are opportunities for brands to work with video influencers, run video ad campaigns, and host live Q&A’s on Reddit. For example, the gaming company Razer recently livestreamed a product launch on Reddit, gaining significant exposure.

Reddit Influencer Program

Reddit is also developing their influencer network and improving ad targeting options. The Reddit Influencer Program allows brands to partner with influencers and content creators. Improved targeting for Promoted Posts now includes options like “lookalike audiences,” which can reach new potential customers. As Reddit’s tools for brands and influencers become more sophisticated, marketing on the platform will yield even better results.

Avoid Overly Salesy Marketing

However, there are challenges to be aware of. Reddit’s audience values authenticity, so “overtly salesy” marketing efforts will likely face backlash. Brands must focus on transparency, value, and meaningful engagement. It’s also essential to consider Reddit’s range of viewpoints and potential for controversy. Marketers should tread carefully to avoid damaging PR crises.

Stay Updated on Reddit Features and Trends

Reddit marketing presents an opportunity that businesses shouldn’t ignore. Reddit’s massive audience can impact business, especially in niche communities. By staying on the cutting edge of trends, leveraging Reddit’s new features, and providing value to users, marketers will find success on what has become an essential platform. Reddit may have started as a niche forum but has evolved into a mainstream news, entertainment, and discovery source.

Get Your Startup MVP in Front of the Right Audience with Reddit Marketing

The future of Reddit marketing is bright as long as marketers are willing to put in the effort to spark meaningful engagement and build trust in the Reddit community. For brands that get it right, the rewards of exposure, feedback, and customer loyalty await. Reddit is opening up, and the time for marketers to take advantage is now.


Could you provide more insights on how to measure the effectiveness of the reddit promotional efforts and how does it compare to similar efforts on other social platforms?

Measuring the effectiveness of Reddit promotional efforts can be gauged through several key performance indicators (KPIs), such as audience engagement, traffic referrals to your website, and customer acquisition. Tools like Reddit Insight and Reddit Investigator provide valuable data regarding your posts’ upvotes, comments, views, and overall activity. Both Reddit’s built-in dashboards and external tools can generate information regarding the demography and behavior of your audience. Reddit has a relatively untapped user base with niche communities that could offer unexplored opportunities compared to other social media platforms.

How can new brands or startups without significant marketing budget leverage Reddit for their initial building of customer base?

Startups and new brands can leverage Reddit by actively participating in relevant subreddits and discussions, sharing valuable insights, asking insightful questions, and providing valuable solutions to the concerns of potential customers. Hosting AMAs (Ask Me Anything) where they interact with the community, sharing a behind-the-scenes look at the brand, or identifying common pain points being discussed on Reddit and addressing them can help build a loyal customer base. Participating effectively and honestly in relevant discussions can generate significant organic reach without paying for ads.

What are some common pitfalls that brands should be aware of when diving into Reddit marketing and how can they avoid them?

Some common pitfalls in Reddit marketing include being overly promotional and not learning and understanding the community before partaking in discussions. Reddit users appreciate authenticity and interactions that add value to the community. To avoid this, brands should focus on being a part of the community, contributing valuable discussions, and encouraging engagements rather than putting forth brazen promotional messages. The brand voice needs to reflect in the Reddit interactions. Understanding the subreddit rules is also crucial to avoid any hassles. Brands should also be prepared for both negative and positive feedback and handle them appropriately, in a transparent and considerate manner.

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