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Reddit for B2B SaaS Founders: Tips for Finding Engaging Communities and Discussions

Author Ella Napata |

August 16, 2023

Reddit for B2B SaaS Founders Tips for Finding Engaging Communities and Discussions

Reddit for B2B SaaS companies remains largely untapped, despite its immense user base of over 330 million monthly users and an active tapestry of 100,000 communities engaging in discussions on diverse subjects. While Reddit is commonly associated with consumer engagement, B2B SaaS brands can strategically harness this platform to forge credibility, cultivate leads, gather customer insights, and heighten brand recognition. With a strategic approach, Reddit can be a resource for customer acquisition and engagement.

Reddit for B2B SaaS Founders: Tips for Finding Engaging Communities and Discussions

The Untapped Potential of Reddit for B2B SaaS

Reddit is an underutilized platform for B2B SaaS companies with over 330 million monthly users and 100,000 active communities discussing every topic imaginable. While Reddit is best known for its popularity with consumers, B2B SaaS brands can leverage the platform to build credibility, generate leads, gain customer feedback, and increase brand awareness.

Opportunities for B2B SaaS to Interact with Potential Customers

Reddit provides several opportunities for B2B SaaS companies:

Build Credibility Through AMAs and Helpful Discussions

Hosting AMAs (Ask Me Anything) sessions allows executives and experts to establish thought leadership and build trust. Participating in discussions by providing helpful information and advice helps to demonstrate your company’s knowledge and value.

Generate Leads Through Posts and Ads

Carefully crafted posts in the right subreddits can drive significant traffic and leads for B2B SaaS companies. Reddit Ads allow brands to target ads to specific subreddits and audiences. Several B2B SaaS companies have generated over 100 leads per month from Reddit ads and posts.

Gain Valuable Customer Feedback

The discussions on Reddit provide insight into how potential customers talk about industry issues, evaluate solutions, and perceive your brand. Monitoring relevant subreddits helps identify opportunities to improve positioning, messaging, products, and features.

Increase Brand Awareness

While Reddit is an ideal platform for lead generation and customer research, it also expands brand visibility and authority. With the massive scale of Reddit, a single popular post can expose your brand to over 100,000 potential customers. Building a consistent presence in your target subreddits leads to greater brand recall and familiarity.

Despite the clear benefits, many B2B SaaS companies overlook Reddit or fail to gain traction on the platform. By choosing the right subreddits, building credibility, crafting engaging posts, leveraging ads, and turning traffic into leads, B2B SaaS brands can master Reddit and tap into its vast potential. With the right approach, Reddit can become a key channel for acquiring and engaging customers.

How to Choose the Right Subreddits for Your B2B SaaS

With over 100,000 active subreddits, finding the right communities for your B2B SaaS product can seem impossible. However, you can narrow the list to a few promising subreddits by defining your target customers and brand positioning.

Identify your Ideal Customers

Start by identifying your ideal customers’ job titles, roles, and responsibilities. Then find subreddits where those individuals are most likely to spend time, such as r/marketing, r/sales, or r/business. Check the subreddit’s size and activity to ensure it has enough volume to warrant your attention. For a B2B SaaS company, subreddits with at least 50,000 subscribers and multiple daily posts are good targets.

Evaluate the Subreddits Rules

Evaluate the subreddit’s rules to ensure your content and participation will be welcome. Some subreddits prohibit self-promotion or commercial posts, so focus on those where you can provide value to the community through helpful content and engagement.

See Which Posts and Discussions are Popular

See what types of posts and discussions are most popular and active. Look for opportunities to contribute insights and advice that will resonate with members. Pay attention to the tone and style of communication in the subreddit so you can match it.

Search if your Competitors are Active Members

Search the subreddit to see if your competitors are active members. If so, take note of the content and engagement strategies that seem most effective. You may even gain valuable insights into their customers’ pain points and needs.

Comment on Posts and Discussions

Finally, start by commenting on other posts and discussions to build credibility before sharing your content. Provide helpful information and engage with commenters. Once you’ve established trust and authority in the community, you can post content discussing issues that matter to members. Promoting your product in a heavy-handed way is unlikely to be well received, so focus on thought leadership and education.

With research and the right strategy, B2B SaaS companies can find success on Reddit. But take the time to choose communities that align with your brand and target audience and provide value to members through helpful engagement and content. Build credibility and trust, focus on the community’s interests, and look for opportunities to subtly highlight how your product can help solve members’ problems.

3 Proven Ways B2B SaaS Companies Have Built Credibility on Reddit

Establishing credibility and trust is key to success on Reddit for B2B SaaS companies. Here are three proven strategies companies have used to build credibility on the platform:

1) Hosting AMAs with Company Executives and Experts

AMA stands for “Ask Me Anything,” and these Q&A sessions are very popular on Reddit. By hosting an AMA, B2B SaaS companies can position their executives and experts as thought leaders, provide value to the community and build goodwill. For example, Drift CEO David Cancel has hosted multiple AMAs on /r/Entrepreneur, answering questions about startup growth and sales.

2) Developing a History of Providing Helpful Information and Advice

B2B SaaS companies should aim to become a trusted resource for their target subreddits by frequently posting educational content, how-to guides, and actionable advice. Over time, as companies build up a history of valuable posts, their credibility and authority grows. For example, the team at Buzzsumo, a content insights tool, frequently provides data-backed advice and insights on /r/ContentMarketing.

3) Ensuring All Company Accounts are Verified for Transparency

Reddit allows companies to verify their official accounts, giving them a “Verified Company” flair. By verifying accounts, B2B SaaS companies add more credibility to their posts and comments. They can also link to their website to provide more context about their company. Verified accounts from companies like Dashlane, a password manager, and Grammarly, an AI-powered writing assistant, stand out and lend more credibility to their recommendations and advice.

Hosting popular AMAs, providing consistent value to the community, and verifying official company accounts are three proven ways B2B SaaS companies can build credibility and trust on Reddit. With time and active engagement, companies that master these strategies can become influential voices on the platform.

The Anatomy of a Successful Reddit Post for B2B SaaS

To gain traction and engagement as a B2B SaaS company on Reddit, your posts need to be crafted for the platform and your target audiences. Here are the key elements of a high-performing Reddit post:

Choose an Engaging Headline

Your headline needs to capture attention quickly. Use numbers, superlatives, or questions to pique interest. For example, “The 7 Tools No B2B Marketer Should Be Without in 2020.”

Write for the Reddit Audience

Use a friendly, conversational tone. Explain concepts and ideas clearly without too much marketing jargon. Redditors value authenticity, so be transparent that you work for the company.

Include Visuals

Posts with images or video thumbnails to get more clicks. Visuals also make your content more engaging and scannable. For a B2B SaaS company, you could include product images, infographics, charts, or screenshots.

Post at Optimal Times

The timing of your post can impact visibility and engagement. Review your target subreddits to see when the most active users are online and posting. For most subreddits, weekdays between 10 am and 3 pm tend to have high traffic.

Engage with Commenters

Don’t just post and disappear. Respond to questions and comments on your posts. Address any concerns, provide helpful information, and keep the conversation going. Thoughtful engagement and discussion can establish you as an authority in your industry.

Avoid Common Mistakes

Don’t spam multiple subreddits or post too frequently. Only post in subreddits relevant to your content. Don’t just promote your product—provide value to the community. Don’t buy upvotes or manipulate voting. Redditors value authenticity and will quickly call out spammy behavior.

With the right content, timing, and engagement strategy, B2B SaaS companies can gain brand visibility, drive traffic, and generate leads through Reddit. But you have to follow the unwritten rules of the platform to build credibility and connect with your audiences. Crafting posts for the Reddit community and your specific subreddits is key to success.

How to Turn Reddit Traffic into Qualified Leads

Reddit allows B2B SaaS companies to drive targeted traffic to their websites and content. However, simply getting eyes on your posts is not enough. You need to convert that traffic into leads to truly leverage the platform.

Include Clear Call-to-Actions

The first step is to include clear calls-to-action (CTAs) in your Reddit posts and comments that drive people to your site or content. For example, end a helpful comment by mentioning you have a relevant guide or resource on your website. Or promote an upcoming webinar at the end of a post. Be sure your CTAs provide value and are a natural fit for the discussion.

Have a Lead Capture Form

When people click through to your site from Reddit, their intent and interest will be high. Have a lead capture form prominently placed on pages where you’re driving Reddit traffic. An email signup, content offer, or demo request form are all good options. Reddit users expect transparency, so be upfront that you will use any information submitted to contact them about your SaaS solution.

Craft Follow-up Emails Tailored to Your Leads

To qualify leads from Reddit, look at factors like which subreddit they came from, what content they viewed on your site, and any information submitted in forms. Someone who came from a community focused on data analytics and security and downloaded a guide on GDPR compliance would likely be a good lead, for example. Craft follow-up emails tailored to what you know about the lead’s interests and needs.

Build a Relationship by Providing Value

While Reddit can drive a high volume of traffic, the leads generated may be at an earlier stage. Focus on building a relationship by providing value before immediately trying to sell them. Pay attention to how they engage with your follow-ups to determine if they’re sales-ready. It may take several touches before some Reddit leads are qualified for a demo.

According to surveys, most B2B buyers engage with a brand’s social media before purchasing. Reddit is a channel where you can raise brand awareness and make authentic connections that keep you top of mind when a lead is ready to buy. While lead generation is essential, don’t lose sight of the platform’s long-term brand-building benefits. With the right strategy, Reddit can become a key part of your SaaS marketing mix.

Lessons From B2B SaaS Companies That Have Mastered Reddit

HubSpot is a leading inbound marketing and sales platform that has built an influential presence on Reddit. With over 2,000 Reddit posts and comments, HubSpot engages with subreddits like /r/marketing, /r/sales, and /r/entrepreneur. According to HubSpot’s Social Media Manager, Reddit has been instrumental in lead generation, with hundreds of leads generated each month from their posts and AMAs.

Hubspot – Developing Presence Across Subreddits

One key to HubSpot’s success has been developing a consistent presence across subreddits over time. “We didn’t want just to show up and start promoting our content for lead generation,” says their Social Media Manager. “We spent time participating in discussions, answering questions, and building credibility before posting our content.” Their approach has led to over 55,000 total upvotes and a loyal following in their target communities.

Drift – Share Insights and Advice for Target Customers

B2B SaaS company Drift has also succeeded on Reddit. They focus primarily on /r/marketing, /r/sales, and /r/startups, where they share insights and advice for their target customers. The company’s CEO and CMO have hosted multiple AMAs, leading to spikes in traffic, leads, and brand awareness. According to their VP of Growth, Reddit has been “a goldmine” for connecting with potential customers and gaining valuable product feedback.

Key Lessons from HubSpot and Drift

For B2B SaaS companies looking to master Reddit, the key lessons from HubSpot and Drift are:

  • Build credibility and trust over time by participating in discussions and providing value before heavy self-promotion.
  • Choose subreddits strategically based on your buyer personas and brand positioning. Engage at a grassroots level.
  • Host AMAs with executives and experts to raise brand visibility and generate leads. Promote AMAs through ads and across your target subreddits.
  • Focus on the value you can provide to the Reddit community, not just what you can get from it. Become a helpful resource.
  • Track key metrics like upvotes, comments, traffic, leads, and brand mentions to optimize your Reddit strategy over time.
  • Be authentic and transparent. Reddit users value real insights and advice over salesy marketing content. Build real relationships.

Reddit can Help Your Startup Grow

With the right approach, Reddit can be a powerful channel for B2B SaaS companies to build brand credibility, generate leads, and gain customer feedback. By learning from companies that have mastered the platform, you’ll be better equipped to develop a Reddit presence that drives real business results.


Could you provide specific recommendations for finding the right subreddits for a B2B SaaS company, given the wide range of active communities on Reddit?

Finding the right subreddit for a B2B SaaS company requires a blend of market research, customer insight, and careful observation. Begin by identifying your target customers – their roles, interests, and responsibilities. Once you have defined customer personas, look for subreddits where these individuals gather. Many professionals congregate on subreddits like r/startups, r/marketing, or r/business. Observe these subreddits for activity level and relevancy before determining where to engage. Remember the subreddit rules and community norms to ensure that your participation is welcome and beneficial for both you and the subreddit members.

How could a B2B SaaS company create compelling content that not only engages Reddit users but also aligns with the unique format and unwritten rules of the platform?

Creating compelling content on Reddit means striking a delicate balance of promotional and informative. Even when marketing a product or service, content must be engaging, provide value, and feel authentic to the platform. Always focus on delivering high-quality, unique, and useful information – from sharing industry insights to offering practical advice. Try using a conversational tone and visual content, such as infographics or videos, to capture attention. Also, ensure to engage with users in comments and discussions as much as possible, as this not only builds trust and credibility but also fosters a sense of community.

What strategies can B2B SaaS brands use to turn Reddit traffic into qualified leads, considering Reddit users are known for their high levels of engagement and skepticism towards marketing tactics?

To turn Reddit traffic into qualified leads, provide clear and compelling calls-to-action in your posts and comments that drive users to your site or content. But remember – Reddit users value authenticity, so make sure to add value within the CTA itself. Once users are on your site, have visible lead-capture mechanisms like sign-up forms for newsletters, content offers, or demo request forms. Also, tailor your follow-ups to each lead’s interests and needs based on their Reddit activity and the information they submit in forms. Finally, understand that Reddit could provide more top-of-the-funnel leads, so focus on providing value and nurturing relationships before making a hard sell.

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