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The Ultimate Podcast Playlist: Top Startup Advice and Tips for Founders and Entrepreneurs

Author Ella Napata |

August 23, 2023

The Ultimate Podcast Playlist Top Startup Advice and Tips for Founders and Entrepreneurs

Enter the world of podcasts, where startup leaders share their journeys, insights, and actionable advice. With podcasts like Mixergy, Entrepreneurs on Fire, and The Tim Ferriss Show leading the way, a wealth of knowledge awaits founders and entrepreneurs seeking to navigate the intricate landscape of startups. These podcasts offer a unique platform for intimate conversations with successful founders, diving into the lessons learned from their triumphs and failures. By tuning into these shows, entrepreneurs are poised to gain insights that can shape their startup journey and drive their endeavors to new heights. 

The Ultimate Podcast Playlist: Top Startup Advice and Tips for Founders and Entrepreneurs

Veteran Voices: Learn From Those Who Have Been There

Some of the most valuable advice for startup founders comes from those who have been in the trenches for years. Podcasts like Mixergy, Entrepreneurs on Fire, and The Tim Ferriss Show have been dispensing actionable advice for over a decade, featuring interviews with successful founders and entrepreneurs.


Mixergy, hosted by Andrew Warner, has produced startup advice since 2009. Warner interviews founders and CEOs from companies like Wikipedia, Airbnb, and Mint, asking probing questions about their journey to success. With over 1,500 episodes in the archives, Mixergy offers a wealth of wisdom on topics like finding product-market fit, raising funding, hiring the right team, and growth strategies.

Entrepreneurs on Fire

Entrepreneurs on Fire, hosted by John Lee Dumas, has published over 2,000 episodes since 2012. Dumas interviews influential founders and leaders like Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Barbara Corcoran, uncovering key insights and lessons learned. The show covers all aspects of building a business, from mindset to marketing, providing motivation and inspiration for startup founders.

The Tim Ferriss Show

The Tim Ferriss Show, hosted by angel investor and author Tim Ferriss, has been featuring interviews with world-class performers since 2014. Ferriss deconstructs the habits and routines of leaders like Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn, Stewart Butterfield, co-founder of Slack, and billionaire investor Peter Thiel. The conversations center around life lessons, favorite books, time-management tips, and the journey to success. With over 400 episodes, The Tim Ferriss Show is a masterclass in optimizing work and life.

Drawing from the Wisdom of Those Who Have Built Successful Startups

Veteran podcasts like Mixergy, Entrepreneurs on Fire, and The Tim Ferriss Show provide a wealth of time-tested advice from those who have built successful startups. By learning from the experiences of veteran founders and leaders, startup founders can avoid common pitfalls and fast-track their path to success. With hundreds of episodes to draw from, these shows offer a continuous source of wisdom and guidance for any entrepreneur.

Secrets of Successful Pitches: Inside the Minds of Investors

Getting funding is one of the biggest challenges for early-stage startups. Investors receive countless pitches each day, so standing out and knowing what captures their interest can make or break a startup. Podcasts like The Pitch and My First Million provide valuable insight into the minds of investors by showcasing real startup founders pitching their businesses.

The Pitch

The Pitch follows startup founders as they pitch their business to investors on the show. Each episode captures the pitch, feedback, and final decision from investors. For founders, this provides a glimpse into what investors are looking for and how they evaluate startups. The investors on the show, like Phil Nadel, Kara Nortman, and Charles Hudson, have a proven track record of success, and their feedback can help determine if a business is investable or still needs work.

How The Pitch Works

Even if the investors pass on the pitch, the feedback is invaluable for founders to improve their pitch and better position their startups for the next round of funding. The show also highlights the importance of storytelling, passion, and vision in a pitch. While the numbers and metrics are critical, investors are also betting on the founders and their ability to execute the vision.

My First Million

My First Million takes a slightly different approach by featuring interviews with founders recently reaching $1 million in revenue. Host Shaan Puri, who previously led Product at Twitch, interviews founders about their journey to $1 million in revenue and lessons learned. These conversations provided insight into what resonated with investors and allowed the startups to gain traction.

For startup founders, the biggest takeaways from these podcasts are: do your homework on potential investors, know your business and market inside and out, focus on storytelling and vision to capture interest, and feel free to get feedback on your pitch. The funding journey is long, but these shows prove that the path can be a little smoother by learning from others who have navigated it. With the right pitch and perseverance, any startup can land the funding they need to reach the next level of success.

Hacks and Strategies for Growth: Actionable Advice

For founders looking to scale their startups, Indie Hackers and Masters of Scale offer a wealth of practical advice. Indie Hackers features interviews with founders of profitable startups, diving into how they found success. The show covers everything from finding product-market fit, optimizing conversion rates, and building a loyal customer base.

Baremetrics – Stripe Niche

For example, in an episode with the founder of Baremetrics, Josh Pigford shares how he grew the company to $25K in MRR in under a year. He focused on a niche market of Stripe users, built a simple but practical product, and leveraged content marketing and a free trial to drive signups. The show is filled with concrete strategies that founders can apply to their businesses.

Masters of Scale

Masters of Scale, hosted by LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman, highlights the techniques and lessons that helped companies scale from small startups to global enterprises. Reid interviews famous founders like Mark Zuckerberg, Brian Chesky, and Diane Greene, drawing out the key decisions and strategies that fueled their growth.

Netflix – Culture and Values

For example, in an episode with Netflix co-founder Reed Hastings, he discusses the importance of culture and values. He shares how Netflix developed their culture deck, emphasizing values like courage, communication, and excellence. This culture and focus on talent were key to their success as they scaled. The show provides insight into the mindsets and strategies required to build a major company.

Between these two podcasts, founders can access a wealth of specific, actionable advice for sustainably growing a startup. The openness of the hosts and guests in sharing details on their journey makes these podcasts an invaluable resource for any founder looking to scale. The various topics, from marketing and product design to team building and company culture, ensure there are lessons for founders at any stage. For any startup looking to accelerate their growth, Indie Hackers and Masters of Scale should be required listening.

Diverse Voices: Learn From Underrepresented Founders

Some of the most inspiring startup stories come from founders who have faced additional barriers to success. Podcasts like Girlboss Radio, Black Tech Green Money, and Latinx Founders Club provide a platform for diverse voices, highlighting women founders, black founders, and Latinx founders.

Girlboss Radio

Girlboss Radio, hosted by Sophia Amoruso, founder of Nasty Gal, features interviews with successful women entrepreneurs from various backgrounds. Episodes cover everything from raising capital to imposter syndrome to building a company culture. The show provides motivation and advice for women facing discrimination and disadvantage in the startup world.

Black Tech Green Money

Black Tech Green Money, hosted by Shawn Rochester, highlights black startup founders and investors. Rochester, author of The Black Tax: The Cost of Being Black in America, interviews founders of companies like Blavity, Issa Rae Productions, and Harlem Capital, as well as black angel investors and VC partners. The podcast aims to amplify black voices in tech and finance, providing inspiration and strategies for overcoming systemic barriers.

Latinx Founders Club

Latinx Founders Club, hosted by Gina Lujan, features conversations with successful Latinx startup founders. Lujan, an entrepreneur and startup advisor, interviews founders of companies like Camino Financial, Lolita Taqueria, and Coco & Breezy Eyewear. The show provides a platform to share the stories of Latinx founders and advice on fundraising, networking, and building a business as a minority founder.

These podcasts showcase that startup success is possible, even when facing discrimination, lack of access to capital, and systemic disadvantages. They provide motivation and guidance for founders from underrepresented groups, sharing stories of those who have navigated barriers to build high-growth companies. By amplifying diverse voices, these shows offer inspiration and advice for achieving startup success against the odds. 

The Cutting Edge: Exploring Emerging Technologies

For founders building startups involving emerging technologies like AI, blockchain, and virtual reality, podcasts focused on the cutting edge provide insight into opportunities and challenges.

AI Today

AI Today explores the latest trends in artificial intelligence and how AI can be applied to build innovative products. Hosts Kathleen Walch and Noah Kravitz interview AI leaders, discussing machine learning, natural language processing, and the future of AI. For startups looking to leverage AI, this podcast offers a crash course on the current state of the technology and how to implement it.

Bad Crypto Podcast

The Bad Crypto Podcast, hosted by Joel Comm and Travis Wright, provides an overview of cryptocurrency and blockchain. They explore how blockchain works, different cryptocurrencies, and how companies use blockchain to disrupt various industries. For founders interested in building a crypto-focused startup, this podcast offers a comprehensive introduction to the technology and ecosystem.

Voices of VR

Voices of VR, hosted by Kent Bye, features long-form interviews with innovators in virtual and augmented reality. Kent explores the latest VR and AR platforms, hardware, and software and how companies use immersive technologies for gaming, education, health care, and more. For VR/AR startup founders, this podcast provides insights into opportunities and challenges in building these emerging platforms.

Highlighting how AI, Blockchain, and VR/AR are Evolving

These cutting-edge podcasts highlight how technologies like AI, blockchain, and VR/AR are rapidly evolving and being applied in new ways. For startups focused on innovative technologies, these shows offer a window into the latest advancements, case studies of companies finding success, and predictions for the future. While the technologies are complex, these podcasts break them down in an accessible way and provide actionable insights for startups looking to leverage or build on these platforms.

Tune in to Podcasts and Stay Ahead of Startup Innovations

The fast-paced nature of these technologies also means startups in these spaces face additional uncertainty. But by tuning into podcasts on the cutting edge, founders can make more informed decisions about applying and building for these technologies, even as they continue to change. These podcasts provide the context and tools to navigate the challenges of building a startup on the innovative frontier.


How can startup founders evaluate and identify the most valuable advice from these veteran voices?

Startup founders can evaluate and identify the most valuable advice from veteran voices by focusing on the lessons that align with their specific needs and goals. In addition, founders should look for advice that stems from experiences similar to their current challenges. Lastly, founders can assess advice based on its source, giving more weight to advice from successful veterans who’ve built startups in the same industry or faced similar obstacles.

What specific tactics can founders adopt to make their pitches more engaging and appealing to potential investors based on the insights provided in these podcasts?

For pitches to be more engaging to potential investors, founders can follow the examples set in these podcasts. Key tactics include having a compelling storytelling approach, demonstrating passion and vision for the project, and showcasing thorough market understanding. Additionally, precise and clear communication of the business model, revenue strategy, and growth potential can help appeal to investors.

What key methods can new startups apply from these successful growth hacks to ensure sustainable expansion?

New startups can ensure sustainable expansion by implementing various growth hacks highlighted in these podcasts. Focusing on market differentiation, identifying a niche market, and creating value for customers are pivotal. Startups can also utilize tactics like content marketing and free trials to attract and retain customers. Additionally, fostering a strong company culture, exemplified by companies like Netflix, is crucial to long-term sustainable growth.

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